Videos with Vacuum Penis Pumping Scenes - Penis enlargement videos

Videos with Vacuum Penis Pumping Scenes - Penis enlargement videos


This information was taken from one of the posts to the forum :

I'm looking for Al Parker's video "Overload." I have searched the Net high and low - any pointers? Someone told me that Al pumps up to "Jurassic" sizein the movie.

Hi, I've seen the video. It shows Parker all pumped up - his dick and balls bearing little resemblance to earlier Parker vids. He is paired with Craig Slater, whom he fucks with a butt plug and later with his big dick. A real turn-on and highly recommended. I believe it is a Falcon video so availability should not be a problem.Yes, "Overload" is an excellent video. Al and Craigappear in the final scene and it is pretty hot. Theother scenes are good, also.

Al is already pumped when he gets it on with Craig,so you don't see much of the process. A better videowould be "High Tech," which is a "documentary" about pumping. Al only introduces the film, but there areother hot guys who explain their techniques and thenthey have a pump party featuring a buddy tube.

Al Parker pumps up in a few other movies: In "A NightAlone with Al Parker," he lies on his bed and watchesvideos of himself, including one where he is pumpingwith some friends. There's also another movie where Alpumps with a black friend in the back of a van. They usea variety of tubes and a foreskin stretcher with a littleclear acrylic ball inserted in the foreskin.

There's also "Strange Places, Strange Things," in whichthere is a scene with 2 guys (not Al) pumping, and there'sanother movie in which Al's frequent video colleague JustinCade is pumping. I believe this video is called "Turbo Charge,"but it's been a long time since I've seen it around. You might find it or any of these from a mail-order place like Atkol (do a seacrh on the www), or from a video supplier in New York or SanFrancisco.

There's also a company in NY called Live Productions, which used to be Christopher Rage's video company. They produce fetish tapes,some of which feature pumps. Mirza Co. also has a couple of pumpvideos, but the quality is not terrific. They have a website, also.

Justin Cade appears in Very Receptive as a cable company dispatcher.Since he's all alone at the dispatcher's desk, he keeps himself companywith a pump. The pumping is interspliced with a couple other mansex situations. The pumping includes nipples as well as cock and balls.

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