How to get big low hanging balls

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Summary: Different methods of achieving low hanging testicles.Have you ever noticed how some guys have large dangling testicles while other have testicles which seem to be constantly tight against the body? In this article we'll discuss three different methods that you can achieve low hangers - should that be your goal.

Credit much of it to genetics, but there's something to be said about low hanging nuts. I've got a good pair myself. Some of it has come with age, being in my mid-twenties - but some of it has come from a deliberate effort on my part to elongate my testicle sack. I'm not sure why I like the idea as much as I do, but I love having big low-hangers. As with most males, they hang their lowest after a hot shower, or on a hot summer day. It's just a good feeling, to feel them dangle, rolling against my legs. In addition my girlfriend loves the feeling of them slapping against her when we're having sex. Girls (or guys) if you want to really bring your guy to climax, reach around while having sex (as your partner is on top of you) and cusp his testicles in one palm, and tickle and gentle rub his testicles as he goes at it. Personally I love the feeling and it gets me off every time.

Okay - so low hangers are great. But how do you get them? We'll in nature's scheme you'll naturally get them with time. As a man ages his testicles normally hang lower with the passage of time. Gravity has its effect on them andyou get a looser sack. Naturally if your testicles are rather large and at all heavy you'll get more of a stretch with time. But what if you don't want to wait? How can you accelerate the process somewhat? There are three primary ways, and youcan use any or all of these methods. The first involves using stretching rings. These can be anything which you find fits you comfortably and provides the necessary stretch. You can usually find solid metal rings at a hardware store very inexpensively. You do not need to buy the type sold at adult book stores, as a metal ring is pretty much a metal ring. If you find the right size and type you may be able to find shower curtain rings that work very well. The concept at work with using rings is very similar to African tribes which engage in the stretching of their necks. To do this with your testicles, you'd basically begin by wearing a number of rings around your testicles that gives you a good taunt stretch - but is not uncomfortable. Eventually with time you'll be able to add more rings, which means that your testicle sack is actually getting longer. Be careful not to wear rings which constrict the testicles, cutting off blood flow. Your goal is a longer ball sack - not sterility. Another method which is very similar is purchasing a leather ball stretcher. These devices are sold at various adult book stores, and through specialty houses. There are a variety of "options" on these things which can enhance their use and comfort. Though not absolutely necessary (as leather is quite comfortable against the skin) some are line with a synthetic type of fur. Others are actually weighted with sand, to provide an additional downward pull. It's important when selecting one not to get one that is too tight in going around your testicles, as well as how far down it pulls them or you won't be able to wear it for long or under clothing. It's best to start with one that gives you some stretch - but is comfortable, and then after a few months when you've lengthen your sack, you can move up to a longer one. Many also have small fasteners or rings from which you can hange addition weight. The nice thing about the leather ones is that you can safely wear them under clothes so long as you get a comfortable one (and wear loose fitting pants). The longer your wear it, and the more time you're able to comfortably have the device on the better results you will see.

Vacuum Pumping the Testicles

This is yet another way to get a looser ball sack. Using a vacuum cylinder and pump you can pump the testicles up to some phenomenal sizes and lengths. Some guys have pumped up their testicles to the size of a large grapefruit (each testicle). Some men pump both testicles and penis at the same time. Most can start doing this with a 3" cylinder. If you really want to get them up to freakishly large sizes you can get a custom made two stage tube. These tubes are custom made in the size appropriate for you. They are called two stage as they have two differentsized chambers. The first part goes against the body as you slide into the tube. This part is kept to a smaller size as it must be able to form a seal against the body. Usually it starts with a 3" or 3.5" opening and extends for 1 1/2" and then opens into a larger chamber with a 4-8 " diameter. Using these tubes some long time pumpers have pumped up testicles to 24" in circumference! Most of the phenomenal size increase with the use of the vacuum pumps will subside after a few days - but you will find that with repeated sessions that your nuts will hang lower, and stay larger for several days after pumping. So if you want big balls as well as low hangers this may be for you. If you think you might like it, but don't want the extreme sizes - you can start with a 3 " single stage tube. This will give you plenty of room to expand - and holding your nuts in your hands after pumping with even this size cylinder you wont believe how big they can get. It should be noted that the long term effects of this are unknow - but that pumping with moderate pressure should not do any harm. You may wish to consult with your doctor before beginning this practice, especially if you attempting to father a child.

Final Note :

One final note - if you're trying to get low hangers - wear boxer shorts. Briefs provide support and don't let gravity pull the testicals down.Years of this natural pulling (when you wear boxers) will give you the desired effect. Good luck - you're on your way to big low hanging nuts.