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Summary : Volume 1 of our periodic newletter - send out out on 2/27/97.

Thanks to the over 200 site visitors who have subscribed to this list. I know many of you receive a ton of email so I'll try to make these messages as to the point as possible. Information for removing yourself from this list is included at the bottom of this message.

Announce : New software - ICQ enhances communications dramatically.

A new software product is available for Windows 95 users. It's called ICQ and is one of the best implementation I've seen yet of an intuitive and easy to use Internet communications tool. You can read all about it on the Mirabilis homepage. It's a great tool. We plan to promote it on the pumper's homepage and encourage regular visitors to use it. It has tons of features. Once installed you'll know when friends and associates are online, and be able to easily share files (gif's and jpgs - whatever!) enter instant private chats, share URLs, browse the web together, send sound files (.wav files) The program works very intuitively and is very easy to install. It includes features for letting your friends know about it so that they can join you in using it. You can read more about it at their homepage but if you're a Windows 95 user I urge you to download it and install it today. I plan on setting up a special section for ICQ users. The key to the success of this is users. Watch the site for updates on a special section for ICQ users as well as a list of users.

You can find it by pointing your browser to :


Unfortunately the Macintosh version is not complete - however it is in progress. You can subscribe to their email notification system so that they will alert you when it's ready. For more information check out :


Other site improvements :

RealAudio - we've got access to a new RealAudio server - so the files will now stream down (you can listen as it downloads - previously you had to wait for the entire file)

Live online support - the hours vary - but if on the homepage you see "** Live Support available" you can talk to a live person via a web interface and get answer to questions or just say hello!

Two stage tube information being developed - if you're a serious pumper and want to find out more about two stage tubes we'll soon have new information online.

Brad's Shaft Pull Device - read instructions, with diagrams on building this penis stretching device.

New - toll free access to the comment line. We've got a new #. It's 1-888-570-6245 - box #10002339. You can call and leave your comments, stories or personal experiences and we'll post them up on the site in RealAudio. You may include your name and email address in your message or remain anonymous. If you called before - we apologize but lost several messages. We look forward to hearing from you.

Link exchange program developed. If you've got a personal homepage, or any web page and would like to increase traffic why not exchange a link with us? Place a link to the Pumper's site and we'll put one back to your site or homepage. You can find information about the program at :


New article - find it at the top of the homepage. It discusses some of the JELQ penis enlargement method that some visitors have been discussing on the forums.

Secure online ordering - we'll soon have secure online transactions so you can safely use your credit card online.

Thanks for your support! Thanks for visiting and contributing to the site.

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Or by sending an email message to : [email protected] - with subject "pump subscribe" [email protected] - with subject "pump unsubscribe"

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