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Getting a Mushroom Head

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Ever seen another guy with a huge mushroom like cockhead and thought it would be cool to have the same? By using your pumping equipment and a little home ingenuity you can have a bell like mushroom cockhead.

The trick to it is finding a good way to isolate the cock head - so that only the head gets pumped. There are several easy ways to do this - we will explain the first simple way here.

I first tried this with black electrical tape, placing it right against the skin - but found that it pinched and was very uncomfortable to take off, as you pull the black tape away from the skin it can really hurt.

While I haven't tried this with medical bandage or gauze tape I hear from some that this works well for them.

What I ended up doing was using the electrical tape, but first wrapping the skin around the shaft of my penis with the plastic from a small baggie. This allowed me to then wrap the black tape around the baggie plastic and penis in a rather tight manner, yet the tape does not make contact with the sensitive skin of your penis. Be sure to be careful around the head of the penis. You want to wrap it tight, and make certain that you pull the skin down on the shaft before wrapping the edge, so that just the ridge of your cockhead is exposed, and none of the skin of your shaft - to get the best effect.

Wrap the tape snuggly around your penis, down to the base (after first putting the barrier of plastic around your shaft to protect the skin)

It's a good idea to use some lube around the base to get a good seal - but be careful (or just don't ) use lube on the head of your penis - to avoid having skin of the shaft come up from under the tape. You want to get the bell/mushroom effect - so you don't want excess skin from your shaft to be too easily pulled from under the tape/plastic.

Put your tube on, and slowly raise the pressure. The black tape will act to restrict the shaft from expanding while your head will be left exposed to expand. Once you start pumping the mushroom effect that you're going to achieve becomes apparent. You may wish to work the tube so that the edge of the black tape/plastic butts snuggly against the ridge, to make sure you pump only the head, and keep the skin of the shaft under the plastic.

Keep the pressure at a moderate/low level and go for a good long session. For most the head takes longer than the shaft to expand - so be patient - and go for a good long session. Be careful not to raise the pressure too high. You may be tempted to pull it off soon and take a look - but note you'd have to pull all the tape off - and you want to make sure that you're up to the level you want to be before pulling it all off.

When you're satisfied with the length of you're pumping session - pull the tube off and carefully remove the tape and the plastic. Well-ah - you should be the proud new owner of a great bell like mushroom head which hangs like a great bulb at the end of your "regularly" sized shaft. The effect can be really cool - the mushroom head you've always wanted :)