Gilburto's Review of RACA Program by Ray Carlton

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Summary : Review of the RACA penis enlargement program by Ray Carlton - reviewed by Gilburto.

First off, sorry for the delay in posting this. I'm a couple of weeks behind due to computer problems (which are now fixed) and the big push for the income tax returns up here in Canada. Thanks for all the considerate letters from all my Email friends, as well as your patience.

So here's my review. I apologize for the lengthy and somewhat philosophical tone the review takes, but as you will see, it was necessary to be thorough in dealing with all the points this program raised.

Review of the RACA Program by Ray Carlton
by Gilburto

Most people have probably never heard of RACA or Ray Carlton, compared to Griffin and Kaplan (who's ads are springing up everywhere), Carlton is a bit of a recluse. My attention was first drawn to his claims and offers through one of Griffin's books (please see the Griffin book review). Ray Carlton is said to have started with a 6" member and has increased it to over 10". He claims to have used various techniques but the main focus of his program is mental imagery. An assortment of auto suggestion phrases and self hypnosis practices are supposed to trigger the subconscious to alter the physical body in a sort of mind over matter transformation. Much in the vein of Napoleon Hill's famous book, this program could easily be called "Think And Grow Prick".

So is it possible to think about something and cause changes in the material world? Are the claims of Ray Carlton valid? Is his program a worthwhile investment? Hopefully this review will shed some light on these and other related concerns

The $15 (US) RACA program was a long time coming and when it finally arrived, it was a 12 x 9 manila envelope containing about 25 pages of photocopied paraphernalia. I use that word as it is the best description I can find to term the mishmash of assorted ploys. There isn't a thing this guy isn't trying to sell. It reminded me of the get rich quick spams you see flooding the newsgroups. There was even an ad for some business scheme where you can get " Your Own Business! With 100% Success Rate! No Capital Investment! Unlimited Monthly Income!" , just send $10 (sounds like a capital investment). Enclosing this kind of chicanery with any packet of information immediately lessens its credibility. Some of the pages in the collection were just photocopied articles from magazines like "Psychology Today", with mental pep talks, containing little gems of wisdom like; "Write down your goals" or "Believe it and you can achieve it". Another one of Ray's attempted thrusts into your pocketbook, is the merchandising of his subliminal tapes. These are audio cassettes with subliminal messages supposedly embedded in a music track, I'll deal with these in a moment (and tell you how to make your own). Throughout the pages are pasted crudely cut out pictures of naked men, at least one is an obvious fake, the rest seem to be pirated from Ron Fox's collection. Which I seriously doubt Mr. Carlton has received permission or pays royalties for.

Speaking of photos, if any one of you transformed yourselves from a size 6 to a size 10 plus in the love muscle department, wouldn't you proudly support your claims with lots of quality "before and after" photographs?

Yet there are only two shots of Ray Carlton's penis. The first is the same tired old picture that appears in the Griffin book. It's taken from about 10 feet away and is dubious at best. Close inspection of the photo certainly raises questions about it's authenticity. The other picture is a close up from the rear of a pumped cock hanging inside a tube, it could be anyone.

* When my partner and I ordered the RACA information, we specifically asked for him to enclose a "before" photo to substantiate the claims. No surprise really, that no such picture or explanation showed up.

As mentioned earlier the main gist of the RACA message is the notion of effecting the physical with the mental. This is where the review will take a slight change in course, as the majority of Ray's treatise is decidedly "religious" in nature. You will soon see what I'm talking about.

*As most of you know me by now, you will agree that I'm not the kind to routinely criticise another man's religious beliefs. However, any faith in any religious system should at least be of sound enough structure to bear a little scrutiny. If you are offended by such inquiry, then please read no further.

So what do I mean when I say that the RACA message is a "religious" one?

Certainly any penis enlargement program must be practised "religiously" or with extreme diligence or perseverance and dedication, to achieve any lasting results. But Ray's religiosity is not in this theme. Because the gains are slow, this would be a good area to utilise positive mental imagery and affirming thoughts to encourage one's self and keep the moral up. Many letters I've received tell of men who gave up after several months of fruitless effort.

There are elements of truth in any positive thinking plan, optimism is a phenomenal virtue. Encouragement and enthusiasm are the fuelling factors of success in our enlargement venture. Part of this is confounded by the fact that a lot of men practising penis enlargement have nobody they can talk with about it. Because of our insecurities or the social stigmas that prevail, very little in the way of a support network exists. That is until this site came along. For many, the Pump site is a wonderful source of encouragement, on all levels, physical, emotional and subliminal. I include subliminal because if you continue to read the testimonies of veteran enlargers and their results, the weeds of doubt will be rooted out and those little subconscious seeds of "perhaps I can" will begin to receive the nourishment they require.

The RACA program starts off with similar ideas, including the mental imagery prompter you've probably heard about. Where you take a picture of yourself in the nude and paste a cut out picture of the large penis you want, over your own. Then this altered photo is posted in a prominent place in your home where you will see it every day, usually the bathroom mirror. Thus familiarising your mental self image with accepting the new bigger you. By the way, have fun explaining this one to your mother when she unexpectedly drops by for a visit. At least one of the photos in the RACA pack has been altered in this fashion.

* For those of us who enjoy pumping with a tube full of hot water, there is an added psychological advantage, as your cock will appear even bigger in its fully pumped state, magnified by the water. Guys have written me commenting on this inspiring phenomenon. To see your own cock so huge, hanging from your own body in reality, is far more potent for administering to the psyche than any two dimensional photo. Fix the image and weight of that huge piece of meat firmly in your mind to recall and visualise with clarity at any time.

Soon the RACA message of positive self images and affirming thoughts makes a radical departure for left field, and goes so way out that it's difficult to get a radar fix on it. Ray begins to encourage you to start chanting daily, out loud, morning and evening. These "Rituals" as he calls them are explained amongst physic psycho-babble about the pyramids all mixed in with Bible quotes. Every now and then he throws in a statement like; "Egyptians have huge dicks and you can too!" Apparently, according to Ray, when these "Ancient Masters" weren't building pyramids with their psychic power, they were standing morning and evening facing the East with out stretched arms chanting; "I draw upon the the balance of resources in the universe and call to me here and now a horse size penis, and for the good of all, according to the free will of all, and so it is." He backs this stuff up with Bible quotes like Jesus saying, "All things, WHATSOEVER ye shall ask, believing, ye shall receive." (emphasis Ray's)

Now, I'm no theologian, but even the smattering of scripture knowledge the average person has should be enough to set off alarm bells to the effect that Ray is quoting things wildly out of context. For instance; the first chapter of the book of John begins by describing Christ by one of His titles - "The Word of God". It goes on to say how the Word of God is God and how He became flesh and came into the world which He created and they didn't recognise Him. Then in the book of Revelation when Christ is coming back to the earth as King He has His name written of his thigh and the name is - "The Word of God". Still with me? Ok, well Ray Carlton starts off with that verse and then in a bizarre New Age interpretation twist, says that that verse is referring to a "lost word", a "mantra" which is "the secret of the ancients", and the word is "Mara". He goes on to use the term "Logos" applying that to name his mantra. While in fact "Logos" is the original Greek (the language the New Testament was written in) word used in the previous Bible passage referring to Jesus. Next he builds on this unstable foundation with statements about his "word" like; "Each primordial integer, or, archetypal number,contains within itself, the ingredients of material and spiritual manifestation. The roots of all reality then, resides in these arrested qualities which are only meaningful to us in terms of trancendant causes."

If this all sounds like a bit of esoteric mumbo jumbo or metaphysical nonsense to you, don't despair cause Ray provides some down to earth practical uses for this lofty word. Besides "invocating cosmic energy" and making your dick bigger, Ray suggest this tip when facing danger. "When confronted with threats of harm to yourself or your family, look your assailant in the eyes and say mentally, MARA, three times. There will have been a field set up around you so that no harm will come to you."

You Trekies may want to chant "Shields Up!" three times instead. Either way, be sure and leave a way to contact your next of kin before committing yourself to such idiocy.

So what about Ray's basic tenant, that thinking about things long and hard enough (no pun intended) can alter the material world? Well, many of us have been dreaming and fantasising about winning the lottery for years now, but that energy has yet to realise itself into reality. However, there is an oft quoted study where a number of women increased their bust size through relaxation techniques and mental imagery. The study was written up in medical journals and latter day proponents of such methods have appeared on talk shows. Certainly it has been shown that our thoughts and feelings can have an effect on illnesses. There is a famous case where a man cured himself of a terminal disease by laughter and watching Marx brothers movies. "A merry heart does good like a medicine", that's another Bible quote for ya, hey Ray started it.

We would all probably agree that the vast capabilities of the mind are for the most part untapped and the potential exists for development of this area. But does one have to get religious with chanting, invocations and altars. Oh did I mention the altar yet? Yes, Ray instructs you to build an altar, covered with a white cloth and topped with a Sandalwood incense burner and 2 white candles. When you kneel in front of this altar you begin your ritual with another "mantra" or "secret word" - "Chiamami".

You are to stare into the smoke while chanting "Chiamami" over and over.

Hmmm, wait a minute, staring into smoke? Chanting "Chiamami"? This practice is undoubtedly handed down to us by the "ancient ascended master" Mary Poppins, who's 12 disciples worked with smoke while chanting "Chimchiminy, Chimchiminy, Chimchimcharoo." As you recall these followers had endowments so massive they could only be accommodated by orifices the size of chimneys.

I'm sorry if any of you are offended by my dealing with this tongue in cheek. Certainly a man's religious beliefs are a deeply personal thing and most are sensitive to that. However when one is marketing those beliefs for profit, they should be open to inspection.

We live in a pluralistic society, where all beliefs are considered equally valid. In this day and age, me making fun like this will usually illicit someone to respond with a trite saying like, "Well I respect other people's beliefs". Which sounds so warm and fuzzy and "tolerant". Well my response is; I respect other people, and I respect their right to believe anything they want to. But I don't respect what they believe, because let's face it. many people believe things that are just plain silly and untrue.

So when Ray Carlton makes the statement; "remember: The entire universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality.", I can clearly say that this statement is not true. For instance, there have been people who sincerely believed they could fly, but there are stains on the sidewalk that proved they were wrong. The law of gravity superseded their belief, no matter how firm they were in their conviction.

As mentioned earlier, encouraging yourself by saying things like Ray suggests, such as "Every day in every way my penis is bigger, bigger, bigger.", may in fact have some beneficial effect. But the religious rituals, incense, altars and incantations like; "The light of God within me is a Horse Sized Penis here and now." are more witchcraft than scientific enlargement techniques.

Speaking of witchcraft, the subliminal cassette tapes that Ray sells for an astounding $80 each, are replete with various incantations and spells. Some of the "Cast a Spell" tapes are classified as "Get even/ Revenge tapes". These have "Magick" spells to "Stop his erection" or "Put a jinx/hex on competition". These spells are by their very definition Black Magic, and are the same as those found in such notable resources as the Satanic Bible by Anton LeVay. Most veteran pumpers would assure you that you need not resort to Satanism to get a larger penis. Ray's tapes get weirder still, with "Cast-A-Spell Mind Magick Tapes" that will transform a man into a "Satyr", or "Master Fantasy Sex With Other Life Forms! Some much more sexually advanced than we are!". Then there are the tapes for "Conjuring" up "Spirits" with names like "Beleth", "Murmur" and "Eligor". If all this is giving you the creeps, you're probably not alone in thinking "What on earth does all this have to do with penis enlargement?" My point exactly.

Despite the spelling mistakes and poor presentation, it is the content of RACA which is flawed. The claims are unsubstantiated and the methods are not measurable. Despite Ray Carlton flavouring his piece with the occasional scientific terminology, his "mind over meat" gospel can not be effectively tested, even by his own questionable testimony. The reason for this is that although he swears the best route to a larger cock is the religious one I've outlined, he still uses the massaging and pumping that this site advocates. So even if he had made any gains, how could he know if they were from his admittedly dedicated pumping regimen or from his penis god incantations and conjurings?

Even Gary Griffin (whom I recently learned, died of AIDS last year) has conflicting reports when it comes to Ray Carlton. In his book he says Carlton gained 4 inches using this method, whereas in his quarterly newsletter he says Carlton only gained 2 inches. Griffin who had been practising the RACA program for close to 2 years gave no inclination that it worked, instead he stated that "for best results...daily vacuum pumping and massages" would need to be added. He goes on to say, " there is also the possibility that it (the RACA Program) will not work at all".

So you see my friends, at a time when we are seeking clear concise proven methods for accelerating our penile growth program, the RACA program can hardly qualify as an assistant. Although there are a few sound principles mentioned, they are greatly overshadowed by the occultic mysticism. Once again the positive aspects of a so called penis enlargement program, have already been clearly outlined on this site for free. Save your fifteen dollars and your prayers for something more meaningful.

Thank you for your time


*By the way. If you are interested in augmenting your enlargement program with the subliminal message method that has been shown to work (as mentioned earlier with the medical studies regarding breast growth), then make your own subliminal tape as follows. Get hold of an inexpensive stereo mixer, these can be obtained at Radio Shack (bought and returned the next day), or you can rent or borrow one. Next, select a CD or music source, with the most relaxing music you can find. Light classical, Zamphir and his Pan flute, or some of the popular mood music with wave sounds and the like, are all possible, as long as it's soothing. Then using a quality microphone record your voice onto a cassette tape while you are mixing the music onto the same cassette, direct from the source. By this I mean, through the wires and the mixer, no sound of the music should be picked up by the mike or you'll get feed back. The vocal message you record should be adjusted so as to be at a level just below what you can hear with the music playing. Your sub conscience mind will still hear it even though you can't. A good book on the proven effectiveness of this method is "Subliminal Seduction", which speaks on how advertisers have used this technique for years. You can find the book at your library. Your vocal track should be recorded at a steady volume level so your voice doesn't peak out over the music level, thus disrupting your relaxation and defeating the purpose. What you say is up to you, but should be written out first and practised so you can read it smoothly. Positive affirming slogans like; "I'm healthy and strong, my circulation is excellent, the cells in my body are full of vigour and health, my penis is responding to my development program, my cock is growing each day, my testicles are growing in health and size, I am encouraged and excited about my enlarging cock, etc.

Once completed you may utilise this tape in your regimen, perhaps listening to it while you pump, or do weights or at night before retiring, while visualising your massive pumped cock. This practice will show itself to be a valuable part of your penis development routine. By the way you just saved 80 bucks.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


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