My Inches--Part 3

My Inches--Part 3

by Dick Mann
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Hi, this is Phil again. You remember, the high-school boy with the sweet, innocent face, the small, thin, body, and the big, BIG, cock. The one you'd give your soul to suck down your throat. Yeah, now you remember, even though we've never met. If we ever do, though, we'll have just such a great time. Me, casually showing off my man-destroying size; you, frantically jerking your pathetic little woody, begging to gulp down on my meat. Well, if you begged hard enough, and if we were in a public place, so you were scared of getting caught, I might just let you gag on my shaft. On the other hand, I might decide you didn't deserve having your mouth stretched out with my monstrous man-meat. Then you'd just have to wack off until you jizzed all over yourself, staring at my manhood, without the ultimate pleasure of servicing it with your drooling, cock-starved, mouth. It would just depend how I felt that day. Either way, you'd never get my cock--the hot, male, beauty of it; the shear, awesome, size of it--out of your mind. Whenever you saw a young boy, you'd think of me. And whenever you thought of me, you'd think of my thick, hard, ten inches. And, of course, you'd sprout wood. The real stiff kind of wood. The kind that makes you run off to the nearest john. But, since you've never had the honor of actually "meating" me in person, I thought I might just tell you about another little episode where some poor dumb slob did. It was just this afternoon, at school, and the poor dumb slob in question was my substitute math teacher.

Well, there I am, sitting in my front-row seat in math. I always like to take the front seat, because then I can tease the teacher whenever I want. Oh yeah, it's so easy. If I ever want a teacher to stop lecturing, and give us a reading assignment or something while he or she sits down behind his or her desk, all I have to do is spread my legs, show off a few pounds of male meat, and that's the end of the lecture. Guys are the easiest, of course, because they spring an erection right away, and have to sit down to hide their boner-tent from the class. But women aren't too much more trouble. When I put on a size show under my desk, right in front of them, there's no way they can keep on giving a lecture. Not with a pussy running like Niagara falls. So, they have to sit down too. It works out pretty well--I continue to show off my meat under my desk, the teacher has no choice but to frig herself under her desk, and the rest of the class does their assignment in class so they don't have any homework.

So, anyway, there I am, in math, and this stupid-ass substitute teacher is going on and on about I don't know what. The regular teacher and I have a deal going. I don't turn in any homework or tests, he doesn't ever call on me in class, and he gives me an A every quarter. In return, on Fridays, after school, if I feel like it, I come by to his class and stick over ten full inches of smooth, hard, cock in his face. If he's been real good that week, like letting me leave early a lot, stuff like that, I let him get his mouth down on my beautiful shaft while he jerks off. Then I fill him full of thick, hot, juicy, man-cream. And of course, he has a nice old come of his own.

But, if I want to teach him a lesson, or I just want to make sure he remembers who's the boss, I just show off in front of him--give him one of my mind-warping size shows, and then deny him the ecstasy of sucking down on my hard, thick, beautiful inches. There's nothing he can do except jerk himself to completion while staring at me, just wishing he could go down on me. I like having a man give me a blow job, but sometimes making them starve for my young monster cock, and then frustrating them, is kind of fun too. One time he was really upset about my not letting him have my meat, so he tried to keep from jerking off. Tried to keep his dick in his pants. Well, you know how long that lasted! All I had to do was pull my T-shirt off and turn sideways so he could really get a good look at how thin and hard my beautiful young body is. And how God-damn fucking gorgeous 10 inches of hard young cock sticking out through the zipper of a pair of faded 501s really is. I put my hands on my butt-cheeks, with my elbows pointed back so they wouldn't get in the way of his view, and then rotated my pelvis up. That put my gigantic fuck-pole way up in the air, way out in front of me. It's a show-off pose that simply forces a man to beat off. And that's what he did. He hated himself for giving in, of course, but there was nothing else he could do. I'd made his dick just too painfully hard. So, drooling for my meat, he dropped to his knees, unzipped, and jerked his painful little boner until he jizzed all over the floor.

Smiling down at him, I told him next time he could have his mouth on my big cock if he licked all his jizz off the floor. He looked down at his jizz, and he looked like he was going to throw up. Then he looked back up at me, and shook his head back and forth, desperately. With my hands still on my butt cheeks, I bent over a bit and gave my big head a nice, wet, kiss. I looked at him and smiled, and I saw his dick was already starting to harden again. I smiled, and nodded down at the slimy floor, which was just waiting to be cleaned up with his tongue. He knew he would never have my huge, thick, meat in his mouth again unless he did it. He was still on his knees, so all he had to do was go down on his elbows in order to get his mouth down to the floor. As he licked up his own cum, mixed with the grime from the floor, he kept glancing up as best he could with just his eyes to see me kissing an licking the gorgeous shaft he was now a total slave to. Even though he had just cum, his little dicky got so hard again that he had to beat it off once more. About the time he had the floor nice and clean, he shot off another load, although this one was quite puny, of course. I made sure he licked that little mess up also. Then I zipped up my 501s, pulled my T-shirt down over the 6 inches or so of cock that stood up out of the pants, and walked out. I thought it was nice of him to clean the floor up like that for me, so as I left the room, just to sort say "Thank you," I wiggled my tight little buns--the onese I knew he would be staring at.

It's fun proving to him that there's no way he can help what my cock does to him. I can see from the look in his face that he hates me for being able to control him like that, so easily--making him humiliate himself just by giving him a little size show. But still, the comes he gets from jerking off while watching me, or, even better, while sucking me down his throat, are the best he's ever had. So, he can never object to our little arrangement. Oh, no, he can't object to anything. If he ever did, he knows I might not come back, and his dick and his balls would never let him take that chance. That's what's just so nice about having balls the size of oranges, and a cock as long as a sheet of paper that's rolled up the long way. It means men do what I want them to do.

But, of course, the substitute doesn't know about any of this. He doesn't know I've got God's gift to mouths hanging between my legs. In fact, even if he did know about me, and what I've got, he wouldn't know what kind of power it gives me over him. Oh no, he doesn't have any idea that he would ever be turned on by a boy, or a boy's dick. The thing is, this guy's straight. It's real, real, obvious, from the way he's been checking out the girls the whole time. Yeah, all during class, he's been taking peeks up the skirts of the better-looking chicks. And, even more than that, he's been ogling the two or three girls who have some decent knockers on them. So, this guy thinks his head is 100% into chicks. That's great with me, because it'll just make him that much more fun to play with. And that's just what I start to do. I play with him. And that means, for openers, I unzip my big baggy windbreaker jacket and let the sides fall open. It's about three sizes too big for me, and comes down almost to my knees, so when it's zipped up it covers the front of my light blue biker shorts. The Spandex biker shorts. The ones clinging like a second skin to about five pounds of male balls and cock. So when it's zipped up, the windbreaker lets me walk around without being noticed. But now it's open, and not covering anything. I spread my knees a little. The movement catches the teacher's eye, and he looks down under my desk, and, well, that's the beginning of the end for him. My balls are hanging out in front, and my big thick cock is filling up my lap. It's still completely soft, but that still means there's a good 6 inches of very wide, very thick, cock-meat stretching out the thin fabric of a young boy's shorts. It makes a real pretty sight. A beautiful site. A sweet, young, innocent boy. A boy wearing nothing more than a tight T-shirt, real tight biker shorts, and tennis shoes. A boy with a big, fat, juicy ball-sack, and a big, fat, juicy cock. A really, really, big cock.

Now, you've got to remember, 6 inches may not seem like much, but that's because you're thinking about a 6-inch hard-on. But I'm soft. Completely soft. So my dick is much thicker that a 6-inch woody would be. And it's very clear that it's soft, because it's in a arc. That's right, the root is going up, but then the thing curves over to my left, and the head is pointing back down again, sort of hanging out over the side of my left ball. Most guys have never seen anything like that, of course, because when a normal dick is soft enough to bend around like that, it's way, way too short. And when it gets long enough, it's too stiff to bend, of course. And also, my tremendous balls are as huge as ever, about two inches in diameter, each. So, even soft, I'm giving the teacher a vision of man-meat he's never seen before. And that's a vision of BIG man-meat. Big, thick, juicy, man-meat. The kind that makes a man wonder just how fucking big it would be if it ever hardened up. The kind that makes a man's own dick harden up.

The teacher takes it all in. For the first time in his life, he sees a cock that's as long, and thicker, than an average boner, even though it's completely soft. And he sees it attached to such a young, sweet, innocent little kid. After checking out my package, though, he manages to pull his eyes off my display. After all, he's in front of the whole class, so he can't very well be seen checking out a boy's crotch. He has to keep going with his lecture. Besides, he's no fag. There's no way he'd be interested in a boy's dick anyway! Of course not, that would be ridiculous. So, he turns back to the blackboard and starts to do some more dumb-ass math problems. That's fine with me, because it gives me a chance to adjust my behemoth. I reach into my jam-packed shorts, and pull my T-shirt down behind my wonder-cock. That way, my cock is in front of the shirt, and only the biker pants are covering my male flesh, so that every detail of my shape is clear. Also, with just that little handling, I get it going, and it grows just a bit to about 7 inches. Of course, 7 inches is nothing for me, but that's already as much as most full-grown men have when they're all the way hard. So on a delicate little boy like me, it looks like I'm breaking some kind of record for hard-on size. And in proportion to my body, maybe I am. Except that I don't have a hard-on. My huge meat is still soft, and it's still looping up over my left nut and back down--it's just that it's an inch longer now.

So, you can understand what happens to the teacher when he turns around again. He can't help looking back in my direction. I just smile at him. Sweetly. Innocently. I just give him a nice, sweet, smile. And then I spread my legs a little more. He looks back under my desk, and sees the best looking, and maybe the biggest, package of cock and balls he's ever seen. My big balls are hanging out between my spread legs, and my big cock is looping up and over the left one, resting on my left thigh. He looks so funny standing there in front of the class, mumbling something about the math problem he's been working on, but checking out my crotch. Staring at my meat. Just for fun, I do something nasty. Really nasty. I make a simple, innocent, movement. I simply squeeze my legs together. It's the kind of thing anyone might do at any time, for no special reason--simply squeezing their legs together. But it doesn't do the same thing if anyone else does it. That's because anyone else doesn't have several pounds of male meat stretching their Spandex biker shorts out in front of them. I do. So, when I squeeze my legs together, until my skinny little thighs are touching each other, there's nowhere else for my meat to go but up. My huge balls end up on top of my thighs, and my monstrous, but still soft cock is pushed up above and around them. My whole lap is now simply overflowing with cock and balls. One big mountain of man-meat. I've done this before in front of my mirror, so I know what a mind-wrenching, dick-hardening sight it is.

And that's just what the awesome sight does to the stupid substitute math teacher. It hardens his dick for him. Just like that. Just like it would harden any dick. Oh, maybe not all the way. Not yet, anyway. But I see a little erection-tent starting to form in his pants. He must feel it, because he immediately tears his eyes off of my mind-boggling package, and turns back around to face the board.

He starts working on another problem, but I know he's thinking about my cock. Of course he is. He's thinking about how beautiful it is. How big it is. And he's wondering how fucking huge it must be if it ever hardened up. And he's wondering how such a small, young boy could be carrying around so God-damn much man-meat. But most of all, he's wondering why his own dick is boning up over it. He doesn't understand it; he knows he's not that way. He's not a damn queer. But his balls are making come, and his dick is pushing itself around in his pants. He knows he can't simply spring a boner in front of the class, so he fights it. He wills it to go back down. His dick wants to erect all the way, but his brain wants it to go down. I just love it when a man fights with himself like that over my big cock. It's really nice. But, I want to make sure his cock wins the fight over his brain, so I do something to make sure it does the next time he looks my way. Oh yeah, the next time he looks under my desk, and it's only a matter of time before he does, ownership of his prick is suddenly going to transfer from him to me. And it's going to bone. All the way. And what do I do to make sure this happens? I reach back under my desk with both hands. I pull my shorts up with my right, and I slip my left hand in. I give my massive cock-meat a few tender, loving strokes, and when it's about 8 inches long, I lay it carefully up along my left abdomen. It's half-way between horizontal and vertical, and, even at that angle, because it's just so fucking long, the end reaches to my side, just at about waist height. I then gently lower my stretch-pants material back over my huge, massive, beauty, and put my hands up on my desk. I look down at it quickly, just to see what a nice show I'll be giving the butt-head teacher, and sure enough, it's wonderful. My cock is about half-way between soft and hard now, so it has a nice, gentle curve. Nothing like the loop it had when it was a 6-inch softy, but it's clear that it's not hard yet either. It starts out going straight up my belly, and then smoothly curves out to my waist. The big head is at my side. It may not be hard yet, but God-almighty is it big! 8 inches. 8 full, thick, mouth-watering inches of cock-meat. And, of course, those big 2-inch balls are still stretching out the fabric down below. A true man-killing display.

To get the teacher to turn back around and look at me, I raise my hand, and ask, in my most casual voice, "Um, excuse me. But I just don't get it." He turns around and looks at me. His crotch is flat again. When he was turned around, he'd apparantly gotten his dick back under control, and gotten it to go back down. Well, I know that won't last long. Not with the show I've got ready for him under my desk. "I'm just not following," I say. He tries to keep looking at my face, but he can't help it. He doesn't know why, but he has to look back down at my lap. He just has to see that gorgeous mountain again. So he looks under my desk. Unfortunately for him, what he thought would be just a quick check-out becomes an uncontrollable, fixated, stare. And the reason is simple. Size. I'm showing SIZE. Lots and lots of size. Balls--2 inches in diameter. Cock--2 1/4 inches wide, 8 inches long. It's the longest, thickest, most delicious slab of man-meat he's ever seen. 8 inches. 8 solid, thick, gorgeous inches of very young cock, with two huge balls hanging below. And even though it's so fucking huge, he can see from the curve that my monster-cock isn't hard. I look down at his crotch. I'm making him tent out his pants again. Of course I am. He's a man. He's got balls and a dick. So when he looks at the size show I'm giving, it's not going to matter that he's a teacher standing in the front of his class, he's going to tent out his pants for me. That's what I make men do.

"Do you think you could explain the problem again?" I ask innocently. He looks back up at my face. What a sight I'm giving him. Above the desk, I'm just a young boy in his math class. I have a normal expression on my face, as if I'm just trying to understand what he's doing on the blackboard. I'm asking innocent questions. Below the desk, I'm pure, hot, irresistible, sex-object. But not the sweet, soft, kind like the better-looking girls, or even the models in the men's jackoff mags. Oh no, they're the kind of sex objects a man can appreciate, and maybe be very attracted to, maybe even jerk off to, but, in the end, can take or leave. I'm a whole different kind. I'm the kind that gets to a man. Right now. Bad. Real bad. I put boners on men. I make their balls ache. I make their dicks hard as hell.

"Let me explain it this way," he says lamely, looking back up to my face. He's so fucking stupid. He really thinks he can talk about math, and he really thinks he can make his dick go back down, after what he's just looked at. He mumbles something about the math problem. He has to try. After all, he's got the whole class looking at him. Thirty-some high school kids watching him, and listening to his explanation. But there is no explanation. How can he possibly think about math? How can he think about anything? All he can do is look back down at the half of me that's below my desk. The half with the gigantic cock. He knows it's a mistake, and he doesn't know why he looks. But he does. He just has to.

And there it is. Cock. Balls. Big cock. Big balls. So, so, much of it. My big sack of balls is covering the whole inside area of the tops of my legs. And my man-killer cock-meat is curving up from my crotch over to my side. It's up so far that the big head is pushing the waistband of my biker shorts up above my waist. Before, the dumb-shit teacher was fighting his dick, trying to get it to go down for him, or at least trying to keep it from boning up all the way. But now there is no fight. I'm simply showing too much. I'm simply too big. His dick bones up. That's the way it is with dicks--I show off my size, and they bone up. It doesn't matter what the guy it's attached to wants; it only matters what I want. It doesn't belong to him any more; it belongs to me. He feels the horrible sensation of erecting, helplessly, right there in front of the class. He has no control over his own cock at all--it just grows. So he immediately spins to face the board, hoping like hell nobody saw the boner-tent I've just made him spring. He's really nothing more than a funny little toy. A funny little toy of mine that I've just made bone up and turn around, as if by remote control. Facing the wall, he tells the class that they should just spend the rest of the period practicing on problems.

"OK, class," he manages to blurt out. "Maybe you should just practice on some of the problems in the book." With that, he scoots over to his desk, stepping sideways like a crab, so he can keep his boner-tent facing the wall. What a joke! He knows he looks like an idiot going through all these contortions, but I've given him a full-blown hard-on, and there's just no way he can let the class see it! When he gets to the protection of his desk, he sits down behind it, struggling not to turn around toward the class until his crotch is low enough to be hidden. He then says, "Please work on the first ten problems in the back of the chapter." He doesn't even remember that what he's just been talking about, which is the lesson our regular teacher has told him to give us, is from the last section of the chapter. So, of course we've already done the first problems and turned them in days ago. But it doesn't matter, he just has to give the class something to do while he hides his lust for my giant cock behind his desk. And, of course, the rest of the kids are cool with having a bogus assignment--it just means they can work on other stuff until the end of the period, so they won't have as much homework to do that night.

The teacher is just sitting behind his desk now. He doesn't know what's happened to him--why he got so turned on by a boy. And the boy's cock! He knows that what the boy has in his pants is the hugest, most beautiful thing he's ever seen, but he can't understand how it made him so hot, so horny, so God-damn hard! I know the look. The look a man always gets when I first show off my huge meat to him. It's part disbelief at my size, part lust for it, and part revulsion and confusion at his own lust. It's a wonderful look. A look I really like putting on a man's face--especially a man who thinks he's so straight. And right now, the teacher's got it all over his. Oh yeah, I know what he's thinking all right. He thinking "God, that thing's big. It's fucking huge! And it looks so fucking gorgeous on than beautiful young boy! But there's no way it's going to turn me on! I'm straight!" That's what he tells himself. But the problem is, his dick is all hard. All boned up. And it was the sight of my male package that did it. And he has to admit to himself that what he saw under my desk was the biggest, the hottest, the most gorgeous thing he's ever imagined. And he knows he's lusting for it. He knows his dick is hard over it. And, not only that, but his mouth is making saliva! Oh yeah, that's right, it's not only his balls and dick that are perving over me, but his mouth wants me too. For the first time in his life, he's actually thinking about what it would be like to go down on a cock! To suck a boy off! The thought makes him sick to his stomach. It makes him want to puke. But what makes him even more sick to his stomach is that he knows he wants it. It's just so big. So beautiful. And on such a young, skinny, pretty little boy. He just knows if it were out of my pants it would look just so, so, beautiful. And he knows it would feel just so, so good filling up his mouth!

But right now, taking refuge behind his desk, he thinks he has things somewhat under control. Or at least nothing more is going to happen. Of course, he can't stop thinking about me and my meat--his face is red, and he keeps his eyes down on the book in front of him, pretending to read--but he thinks everything is going to be OK. He's wondering about himself, and why his dick is so hard over my male package, but he figures he'll be alright. Maybe he'll just sneak off to a john after class, jerk himself off, and that'll be the end of it. And he'll never perv over a boy again, for sure.

But, I have other plans. And I've got just the big tool to put them into action. The very big tool. The very, very big tool. I pick up my notebook, and casually walk over to his desk. When he hears me coming, he looks up, and he sees one awesome, mind-bending, dick-stiffening vision coming right towards him. A pretty young boy in a tight, thin, T-shirt, pale blue biker shorts, and white tennis shoes. And out in front of the kid's thin little body--way, way, out in front-- are two monster man-balls, and 8 thick inches of cock, curving up and out to his waist. I've seen myself this way in front of my mirror, so I know what a man-killing sight it is. And from experience, I know it's a sight that simply makes a man's dick harder that it's ever been in his life. I know it gives a man a badder jack-off need than he's ever had. The teacher stares at my package, of course. But, he manages to keep both hands on top of his desk. Yeah, his dick is hurting him, but he hangs tough, and he doesn't give in to his need to at least rub his boner through his pants.

I don't really like that, though. I don't like for a man to be able to leave his boner alone while I'm showing off for him. So, as I walk towards him, I use a bouncing step. It's not too overt, but my meat is so massive, that any kind of a bounce to my step makes my big cock really bounce up and down. My huge, thick, 8 inches of cock, reaching out to my side, is now bouncing up and down with each step. It's awesome weight pulls it down, and then the stretch-fabric that's clinging to it pulls it back up. Down and up. Down and up. All that cock. Big, thick, juicy, cock. Just bouncing up and down, right out there in front of me. It's a prick-tease I use fairly often, and it never fails. No man has ever stood up to it. No man has ever seen it and been able to leave his hard-on alone. Just as I get up to the teacher's desk, his right hand goes down to his lap. That's what I like to see.

His eyes are running up and down my body. They're trying to stay on my face, but they just have to keep going back down to my mega-meat every few seconds. And on their trip, they're forced to take in my slender, flat, torso. My tight T-shirt shows how thin I really am, which also just makes my monstrous cock just that much more outrageous. The dumb shit of a teacher is really trying to keep looking at my face, but I've just got too much meat down below. And, of course, his hand is in his lap, massaging and rubbing that demanding little woody I've put in his pants.

I'm up to the desk now, and when I look down, I see that the bottom of my massive ball-sack is hanging just below the level of the desktop. So, I do something really neat. Really fun. Something to sink the hook into him that much deeper, fuck his brains over that much badder. I go up on my toes, so that my balls are a little above the height of the desktop, I scoot forward until my skinny thighs are up against the desk, and then I drop back down to my flat feet. This means my huge, wide, massive, balls are now resting right on top of the teacher's desk. They're far and away the biggest balls he or anyone else has ever seen. Each one is over two inches across, and the whole sack is just tremendous. And its all sitting there. Even though there's this very thin Spandex fabric stretched over it, the whole, massive sack is actually sitting with on top of his desk! And, of course, growing up above there's 8 inches of thick cock-meat. He eyes are glued to my package, and his right arm moves around faster.

I just stand there. I know I have him. I know he's all mine. His eyes are bulging, his mouth is hanging open, and his arm is moving around under his desk. But I'm just a sweet, innocent, young boy in his class. Even with my big balls on top of his desk, and every detail of my giant cock clearly showing in my stretch-pants, and pushing the waistband way up past my waist, I'm still completely dressed. And why wouldn't I be? I mean, the only reason I came up to his desk is to ask him for help with the math, right? So, I decide to see how well he can do a math problem while perving and beating off over the world's biggest teenage cock.

I put my notebook down on the desk and open it up. All the pages are blank, of course, because I don't do homework. "Please, can you just do Problem 1 for me?" I ask him. I make sure to use a voice loud enough for the rest of the class to hear. Some of them look up, and see me asking for help from the teacher. So, he has to try to do the problem for me. As hard and horny as I'm making him, he can't just ignore the math problem. I mean, he can't just say, "Excuse me, but I can't do this problem right now, because I'm busy perving over your incredibly huge, gorgeous, cock, and your beautiful young boy-body, and your making me so fucking hard that I've just got to unzip and beat off!", now can he? I mean, that wouldn't really be good classroom deportment, would it? So, he brings his right hand back up from under his desk and picks up a pencil. He tries to write something down in my notebook, but he can't keep from looking at my man-meat. It's big. Too big. And just two feet in front of his face. And the awesome sight is making his dick so stiff, so hard. Harder than it's ever been in his life. It really needs at least a squeeze or a rub, but he sweats it out--he keeps both hands on top of the desk. But I know it won't take much to make him put his left hand back down under the table to take the place of his right. I move my hips back and forth a couple of inches, so that my huge ball-sack drags across the desk. The great big balls are kind of rolling around inside. And he can see the whole thing so nicely through the thin fabric of my biker shorts. And that's enough to do it. He's so horny for my meat, so far gone, that just a little ball-dragging across his desk is all it takes. His left hand shoots back under the desk, replacing his right in trying to give his painful hard-on a little relief. What a funny little jerk he is! He's going to try to do the math problem while he rubs his boner under his desk, hoping I, or anyone else in the class, won't notice. It's pathetic, but there's nothing else he can do.

"Well, you start like this," he says. He writes the equation from the book on the page in my notebook. He somehow keeps from looking at my great big cock, but I can see from the movement of his left shoulder that he can't keep from thinking about it. "Then you simplify the expression by doing this," he says. He writes down another line of algebra. It's probably all wrong, considering his brain is now pretty much turned into horny mush, but who the fuck cares? While he's working on the problem, I decide there's something I should do myself.

What I decide to do is something not too many 16-year-old boys can do. That's because not too many 16-year-old boys can grow past 8 inches. But that's just what I do. I wait for the dumb-fuck teacher to look back at my male meat, which doesn't take long, of course, and when he does, I start to grow some more. My enormous shaft expands, and thickens, and lengthens. The gigantic head is bound up just under the waistband, and so it can't really move. So, when my shaft lengthens, it actually curves a little more. But it's also getting harder at the same time, so the pressure is really builds up. I pretend not to notice anything is happening, but since the teacher's eyes are totally fixated on my cock, it doesn't matter what expression I have on my face. Eventually the pressure in my cock is just too much, and the head pushes out from under the waistband. As soon as it does, it's able to straighten out, and the waistband slides back down a couple of inches, so that now the upper half of my gargantuan man-shaft is in the open. It's now 9 honest inches long, maybe longer. There's a loud snapping sound from the teachers right hand. I look down at it, and I see that he's broken his pencil in half, right in his hand, but he doesn't even notice. He's just staring at my cock. My huge, thick, beautiful, 9-inch cock. My big balls, and the bottom half of my cock are stretching the biker shorts way out in front of me, and the top half of my cock is sticking up in the air, in front of my T-shirt, pressed up against it by the stretch-pants. The shaft is now fairly hard, and it's standing almost straight up. The end of the big, meaty, head is up to the lower part of my chest. My cock is just so wide, so thick, so long. It's by far the biggest thing the teacher has ever seen. Now his right hand also goes under his desk.

He's now got both hands massaging his woody through his pants. I know he wants so desperately to take it out and jerk off for real, but I haven't heard the surrender of his zipper going down yet. His dick has got to be killing him with the show I'm giving him, but he's holding off. He's fighting it. He's all hunched over, he's staring at my big, beautiful, 9 inches, he's drooling onto his textbook, and he's giving his dick all he can through his pants. But he's still pretending to be a math teacher, or at least a straight man, instead of the little fag little jerk-off I'm turning him into. Well, that's fine with me, it just gives me a chance to tease him some more. And oh boy, am I going to give him a tease. I'm going to give him my innocent-young-boy routine, while at the same time showing off more delicious man-meat than he's ever thought could exist. It's a tease that simply destroys a man. Any man.

"Oh gee," I gasp, in a surprised voice. "Oh gosh, it looks like my penis has come out of my pants!" I say it in a kind of hushed voice, so that only the teacher can hear. He keeps staring at my magnificent meat as I go on. "I'm really sorry about that! But, you know, sometimes it just happens. Sometimes my penis just pops out of my pants." The dumb little shit looks up at my innocent face with that stupid, confused, but totally lust-filled look that a man gets when I give him this act. He doesn't know what to think. I'm so young. Just a young boy. A school boy. Surely I don't know what I'm doing to him. What my mega-cock is doing to him. But then he looks back down at the biggest, thickest, longest, most beautiful shaft of man-cock ever seen and all he can think about is how much his own dick is hurting him. How badly my manhood is making him need to beat off. How much he wishes he could service my meat with his drooling, cock-starved, mouth.

"Here, I better try to get it back in my pants," I say, "before someone sees it." With that, I pull my the waistband of my shorts way out in front of me with my left hand, and I grab my 9-inch shaft with my right, near the base. I'm careful to keep my arms out of the way, and hold my big cock at its base, so that my hands and arms don't hide anything from his view. After all, it's my cock he's salivating for, and I don't want him to miss anything. I bend it back down, and try to get it into my pants, but I can't, because the head, and a few inches of shaft, are way up over and past my waistband. So, I pull the waistband out as far as it will go, and then I slide my right hand up to just under my huge head, so that I can try to bend my mighty cock enough to get it to go back down into my shorts. I know the sight of my small, delicate hand running up along such an enormous shaft of man-meat looks just so, so, good. When I'm holding it near the end, the contrast is really something--my hand, like my whole body, is so small, so frail. And the thin fingers can't even get around my cock. That's because it's so wide, so thick, so massive. Oh yeah, it's quite a contrast, all right, and the show is simply destroying the substitute teacher.

"Maybe I can bend it enough to get it in," I say, still acting like an innocent boy who's just trying to cover himself. Then I do bend it some. After all, at 9 inches, as mind-boggling a length as that is, I'm still not really stiff. So I'm able to bend my meat a fair amount, which, of course, amazes my drooling, one-man audience, since he was assuming, as any man would, that with the size I'm showing I must be all the way hard. But no, I'm still able to bend my meat quite a bit. And I know the thought that such a huge slab of male meat could be anything but all-the-way hard is driving him crazy. Completely crazy. Crazy for my cock. He's openly drooling now, and his hand motions in his lap are faster than ever.

"Well," I say. "I guess I just can't get it to go back in. I'm sorry, but the thing is, it's just, well, you know, it's just a little too big. It just doesn't quite fit in." Ha, what a laugh! A little too big? It's a fucking monster! A great big, huge, monster! And I'm showing it off just so nicely--grabbing it and pushing it around with my little-boy hands, showing how I can't even hold it, demonstrating how it's so outlandlishly out of all proportion to the rest of my body. It's one beautiful cock-show. And it's turning the teacher into one helpless cock-slave.

"Oh well," I say, sounding really sorry. "I guess I'll just have to leave it out. I'm really sorry, but I guess I'm just going to have to let it stick up out of my pants a little. I hope that's OK." After I give him this dumb-ass apology, I casually stroke it up just one stroke, from the base up to the head, and, as I do, I bring the big monster up so it's pointing straight at my chest. In fact, the head is actually at the lower part of my chest, with the tip almost to the level of my small little nipples that are poking through my tight T-shirt.

It's all too much for the teacher. Way, way, too much. My show, my innocent act, and, of course, my 9+-inch wonder-cock running up from my crotch to my chest. He unzips. I hear the sound of his humiliating surrender as he gives in and helplessly and pulls his zipper down. Then he fishes out the most painful woody he's ever had, and starts jacking. Right there in front of a young student. Right there in front of a whole class of young students. He's got his dick out, and he's helplessly jacking it over a boy's cock. His face is bright red. His mouth is drooling. He's staring at my outlandish cock. He's jerking off. It's nice having a man perform for me like that. Men really do make such nice little remote-controlled toys.

It's really a nice scene. I really like it. There we are, the two of us, teacher and student, in front of the math class. The whole class there, right behind me, and right in front of him. They're mostly doing homework, or talking to each other, but I know from time to time some of them must be looking up to see what's happening at the front of the class. And then there we are. I'm just standing there. Not doing anything. My back is to the class, and my baggy wind-breaker is open, hiding my beautiful thin body from the class, but showing everything I have to the teacher. I don't have to say a word. I don't have to move a muscle. All I have to do is stand there, and my thin, young, little body, and my gigantic balls, and my gargantuan cock do everything that needs to be done. And then there's the teacher. Out of his mind with lust. Perverted, homosexual, out-of-control, all-consuming lust for his young student's big, big, big, cock. And, of course, he's jerking off. Jerking, and jerking, and jerking. God he doesn't want to. Jerking off to a young boy? And right in front of the class? Oh God, just think what would happen if he were caught? He'd lose his job, never teach again, that's for sure. Maybe he'd even land in jail. After all, I'm only 16, and he knows in court I'd look even younger. But he just has to jerk. What he's looking at is just too fucking beautiful. Too fucking gorgeous. Too fucking BIG! He just has to jerk!

But the funny thing is, he's still hoping like hell I haven't caught on to what he's doing to himself under his desk. Fat chance, with him in the middle of a full-on jerk-off over my stupendous cock-show. But his brain is hardly funtioning now anyway, so he can still hope I'm innocent of what he's doing. And so, just to fuck him up that much more, I take the opportunity to play along a little longer.

"Gosh," I say. "You're looking at my penis. It doesn't bother you, having it out like this, does it?"

He just keeps jerking, so I go on. "But you know, the way you're looking at it, it almost looks as though you like it. You don't like looking at it, do you?"

He gathers all his strength, and, still staring at my wonder-cock and beating off to it, he manages to blurt out, "Uh, no. Oh no. Of course not!"

"Oh, that's good," I say, sounding a little relieved. "Because, you know, there's some men out there who like to look at boys' penises. You know that, don't you? Of course, they're not really men, exactly. They call them, um...I guess they call them homosexual. Or sometimes they call them fags."

"Oh, no. No, no." He says. He's kind of incoherent. But, of course, beating off to the most beautiful cock a man's ever seen doesn't leave him much brain to use for figuring out how to talk.

"That's good to hear," I say. "But, you know what, from the way you're looking at my penis, I'm beginning to think you really like it." With that, I run the tip of my index finger up and down the side of my cock, just to make sure I'm being clear as to what I'm talking about. I start at the base, just above my big balls, and run my finger slowly up my shaft, past the top of the skin-tight stretch material, and then on up the exposed cock-flesh, to the top of the head. It takes a while, because I'm so long. Then I retrace the path back down to the big ball-sack. "I sure hope you don't like looking at it. I mean, you're not one of those gays, are you?"

With that question, he tears his eyes off the object of his lust, and manages to look up at my face, which is only about a foot above my cock-head anyway. He shakes his head back and forth, and says, "No, NO!" But then he looks back down a my cock. It's so young and smooth. It's perfectly formed. Perfect shape and perfect proportions. It's just a beautiful, young, smooth, teenage cock. The only thing is, it's over 9 inches long and 2-1/4 inches in diameter. He keeps beating his dick. He keeps wishing he could be gagging on my manhood.

I decide it's time to really put him through the ringer. To prove to him just how much of a helpless little fag he's become over my cock. I lean over a bit, looking down into his lap. Even though I can't actually see his dick, I say, "Oh my God! What are you doing? It looks as though you're playing with yourself!" I keep it down enough so that the class behind me can't hear, but I really make it sound as though I'm terribly alarmed.

He knows his gig is just about up, so he freezes. He's really afraid now. So, he just freezes, and somehow keeps from stroking his hard, hard, boner. He just can't let me see even the slightest motion of his arm that would signal him jerking off. There's just no way. But, the thing is, his boner's still in his hand. And my mega-cock is still in front of his bulging eyes. And it's so fucking huge that there's no way he's going to stop looking at it, and that means there's no way his dick is going to go down, even a little. So even though he's forcing himself to keep from stroking, he's still holding one God-awfully painful woody in his hand. And that means he's still mine. All mine. I know it won't be a problem to make start stoking again, even though he now knows I'll know what he's doing.

"Oh yeah," I say. "You were playing with yourself. You know...masturbating. And you were doing it while looking at my penis!"

All he can do is shake is head. He shakes it back and forth, denying his humiliating act of perversion. But there's no way he can let go of his painful hard-on, and there's no way he can stop looking at my beautiful wonder-cock. That's my power.

"Don't deny it! I could tell--you were doing it while looking at my penis. You're a fag. A fag!"

He looks back up at my young, pretty, sweet, face. He's so desperate -- there's tears forming in his eyes. He shakes his head back and forth again. Then he looks back down at my young, pretty, gigantic manhood. My big balls are sitting on top of the desk. My huge man-shaft is running up the front of my little boy-body. His dick's jerk-off need is badder than he ever knew a need could be. His dick is simply torturing him.

I like watching him sweat. Watching him squirm. So hot, so horny, so desperate. So full of deep, ball-churning, homosexual lust for little old me and my great big meat. But still not caving in. Still clinging to that one last shred of his former self. The one he had before he met me and what I've got in front of me. The one he had before his whole being only cared about paying homage to the column of male flesh standing up in front of him--by getting his mouth on it and beating off to it.

Watching him fight with himself in nice, but now I decide to watch him cave in. "Here, I'll prove it. I'll prove you're some kind of fag," I say. "Just watch this. I bet this will make you start playing with your penis again!"

Then I bend over at the waist, and, without using any hands, I take my big cock-head into my mouth. My cock is so long, and my thin body is so flexible, that it's no trouble at all to bend over and take it in. I take in the whole head, with my lips around the cleft just below it. I look up with my eyes, and, since he's just had his on my mighty cock-head, we make eye contact. He's out of his mind, or what's left of it, with pure lust. I would smile, but my cock-head is stuffing my mouth full. I push my tongue out from between my lips and my cock, so he can see the tip of it up against the cock-flesh. I move my tongue around. First I circle all the way around my big cock, and then I just move my tongue back and forth on the underside, right under the head. Back and forth. Back and forth. My little tongue up against the underside of my huge, massive, cock. The teacher wishes so, so bad he could have his own tongue on my meat. He wishes so, so bad he could have his own mouth filled with it. That's what men always wish. When a man sees how great my meat looks, he just knows it would feel so good, just so, so good, if he could ever get his tongue on it, or his mouth around it.

But what my stupid teacher doesn't know is that the little head-job I'm giving myself is making my cock grow some more. How the fuck could he? I mean, who the hell wouldn't think 9 inches of cock on a 16 year-old boy wasn't a full hard-on? But my cock has now grown up to 10 inches. I've kept my mouth at the same position, letting the extra cock-length grow into it, so he can't see I'm an inch longer now. My cock is also just a little thicker, and harder, too, but the main thing is it's longer. It just has so much size. So much size. Even more now than before. I slowly move my head up, letting my magnificent monster-cock slide back out of my mouth, and then I stand straight up.

I put my delicate little hands, palms turned inward, flat on my narrow, boyish hips. My elbows are holding my windbreaker back, like a cape, so the teacher doesn't miss anything. I'm 16 years old, 5 feet, 7 inches tall. I'm 36 inches around my chest, and 29 inches around my waist. I weigh 135 pounds. And my skin-tight biker shorts and my skin-tight T-shirt are showing that I don't have an ounce of fat anywhere on my body. I'm a beautiful little boy with a young, slim, tight, body. And out in front of me there's a ballsack that's over 4 inches wide. And running up the front of my little boy-body is a cock that's 2-1/2 inches in diameter and over 10 inches long. I smile. The teacher caves. The teacher strokes. The teacher jerks off. The teacher beats his rock-hard boner like he's never beat it before.

It's a happy moment. I'm happy, because, once again, I've proven my irresistable power. My cock is happy because it's made a new little jerk-off fag-boy for itself. And from the way the teacher is furiously pounding his dick, from the way his whole body is convulsing with his disgusting little jerk-off session, I know he must be happy too. Well, not really happy, of course. Mentally and emotionally he's destroyed. I know he hates me for what I've done to him, for what I'm making him do, for what I've turned him into. And, of course, I know he hates himself even more for giving in. For perving and beating to a young boy. For turning gay. It's making him sick. He wants to throw up. Hell, maybe he wants to jump off a bridge. So, he's not exactly happy. But, he is feeling good. Real, real, good. Better than he's ever felt before, and right where it counts. In his dick. Oh sure, he's jerked off lots of times before, and probably fucked his share of chicks. Maybe even gotten lucky with a few blow jobs. But, even though he's now just giving himself a pathetic little hand-job, his dick has been so, so, hard, and it's been killing him with jerk-off need for so long, that beating it now has just got to feel better than anything he's ever felt before. And, of course, while he's beating off, he's also staring at the hottest, the sexiest, the most gorgeous lust-inducing sight he's ever seen in his life. Little Phil, and his young, smooth, hard, body, and his young, smooth, hard, 10+ inches cock. You know sometimes, when I make a man break down and beat off over me, I almost feel like I'm performing a public service, since I'm making him feel so good, so fine. I guess I'm really a humanitarian at heart--always looking for ways to make others feel good.

Since the scene is so nice, I want it to last a while. Class behind me--doing homework for their other classes, or just talking. Me--standing still, not doing anything. Not a damn thing. Except showing off my tight young body. And my gargantuan young cock. The teacher--humiliating himself, jerking off over my pretty young body and massive male meat, helplessly turning into a cock-starved fag. It's the kind of scene I like. But, I look up at the clock, and I realize class is going to end soon. So, I decide to finish this dumb-ass off for good.

I say to him, "God, you really are a pervert! A real fag! I just can't believe you're actually masturbating while looking at my penis! You must really like it an awful lot to do that."

His face is bright red, and he shakes his head back and forth, still denying that he's in the throws of a gay jack-off over young cock. He can shake his head back and forth, but there's no way, there's just no way, he can stop perving or stop jerking to my meat. It's too young, too beautiful. Too God-fucking-almighty big.

"Oh yeah, just look at you. You're jerking off. You're jerking off over me. Your a jerk-off perv. A fag jerk-off perv. And I bet in a minute you're going to shoot. Yeah, I can tell. You're jerking off so bad, I can see you're going to shoot your jizz all over yourself."

He's so far gone now that all he can do is keep perving, and drooling, and jerking his own pathetic little woody over my super-cock.

Now I decide to prove to him how far gone he really is. What a hopeless little fag he's turned into. How completely my monster manhood is now in control of his churning balls, his steel-hard boner, his jerking hand. I say to him, softly, sweetly, "Well, time to shoot." He doesn't want to come--oh boy, does he not want to come! It would be his final admission of turning gay. His surrender to my big cock, and to the new gay lust it's put into his little brain. But we both know he can't stop beating himself. We both know he's going to shoot his tribute to my boyish beauty, and my huge manhood, all over himself real soon. Then, just to drive the point home, to make sure he understands he's now a complete homo jerk-off slave to my man-meat, I lean over the desk, look in down at his lap, and, call out, real loud, "Oh my God! What are you doing?" I say it loud enough for most of the class to hear.

My dumb-shit jerky boy looks up at my face in horror. He knows most of the class has heard me, and is now watching him. He knows his face is bright red, and he's hunched over his desk, drooling over a young boy. With one, last, mighty effort, he forces his jerking hand to stop. It's still wrapped tightly around the most painful boner he's ever had, but it's not moving. But I know how to pull his strings. I clench my butt muscles together, and rotate my pelvis up, so the whole lower part of my body makes a kind of obscene, fucking motion. This puts my giant man-meat up in the air just that much more, and since it's so fucking long, the head is now up to my hard little nipples, which are clearly poking out through my T-shirt. I hunch my shoulders over a bit, so that now I can kiss myself more easily than before. I turn my head to the side, and go down so that my lips are next to the side of my huge cock. I give my mighty shaft some tongue, working the tip of my tongue up and down, licking my man-flesh. I give it some really nice tongue, up and down the side. It feels real nice, and it makes my un-fucking-believable cock harden up the last little bit, expand to it's ultimate diameter, and push to it's full, brain-melting, man-enslaving, 10-1/2 inches. My tongue on my monster makes the teacher realize just how badly he wishes it were his tongue on my man-flesh. How much he wishes I were stuffing his whole mouth and throat with it. I bend down as far as I can, and I'm actually able to poke at my massive right-hand ball with my tongue through the Spandex material. My huge cock-head is up against my left shoulder. Since my legs are hidden behind the desk, I know that in this position what the dumb-fuck is seeing is basically just lots and lots of balls, lots and lots of cock, and a small young boy behind, making love to it. It's simply too much. Way too much. He starts jerking again. Just like any man would. Just like any man would have to. That's what I do to men.

He's now openly beating his dick with both hands as fast as he can. Just beating off and staring at my man-destroying tower of cock. I bring my head back up from my balls, but I keep bent over, so that my huge cock-head is resting in front of my chin. This way he can see my face while his eyes are fixated on my humongus shaft--so he can see me when I smile at him. Which is what I do. I give him a real nice smile. A sweet, knowing smile. A smile that tells him I know how much he loves my cock, how much he wishes he could go down on it in a homosexual frenzy of cock-sucking. How much he wishes I would pump my thick cream down his throat. And that I know there's now no way, no fucking way, he's going to be able to stop beating himself before shooting off.

I shout again, louder than before, "Oh my God! You're jerking off!" Now the whole class stares at the substitute math teacher, but all he can do is stare at my meat--and beat. To get them to come on up, I go on and shout out "Oh God, you've got your penis out, and it's all hard! And you're jerking it off! And you're jerking it off over...over me! A boy! Oh my God!"

Well, that does it, for sure. The whole class gets to their feet, and about half of them start coming up to the front, to see what's going on. Mostly boys, but some of the girls too. The poor, stupid, shit-head teacher tries to stop. He tries to stop harder than he's ever tried to do anything in his life. He can see a dozen young boys and girls walking up to his desk, and he sees that they're about to come around and see what he's doing. But he also sees me. Little old me. So young, so small, so innocent-looking. Smiling down at him, almost laughing. And showing off a gigantic sack of monster-balls resting right on top of his desk, and 10-1/2 inches of smooth, thick, hard, beautiful male cock running up the front of my pretty young body. He keeps stroking. He keeps jerking. He keeps beating. He's about to shoot jizz all over himself while perving over a young boy, while a whole class of students watches. It'll be more humiliating, more devastating, than anything he's ever imagined. He'd give his very soul to be able to stop, to be able to put his dick back in his pants. But he keeps beating off. I like that.

I know he can't stop now before shooting, now matter what happens; he's way, way too far gone. He' now nothing more than a moronic little fag jerk-off. His whole pathetic little brain is filled with my body, my cock, and his desperate need to get off. It would now be a physical impossibility for him to stop. So, I decide to zip up my wind-breaker. I figure it will be fun to watch him helplessly come without even having the pleasure of looking at my big, gorgeous man-meat at the same time. The big, gorgeous man-meat that's completely and utterly destroyed him. Besides, I don't want the other kids to see me with my cock exposed. I just want them to think the pervo, fag teacher has been jacking off to a completely innocent, unknowing, boy. There's a horrible look of disappointment and frustration when my fabulous column of male meat disappears from his view as I zip up my windbreaker. But the vision of it is still deep in his brain, the way it always will be. Oh yeah, years from now, he'll be sitting on a pot somewhere, boner in hand, eyes shut, picturing my pretty little body and my 10-1/2 inches of cock, and he's going to jerk his cum into the bowl for me. And as a matter of fact, he does it for me for the first time right now. He comes. He comes big. My windbreaker is depriving him of seeing the real thing, but just the image of my cock in his memory makes him come longer and harder that he's ever come in his life. Big, hot, gollops of cum start shooting out of his super-hard dick, landing all over his shirt and pants. He keeps jerking, and staring at me, and more cum gushes out of his little hole and lands on his hands and lap. Some of the boys have gotten around behind his desk, and they see him cumming. They start shouting and screaming, but the teacher's eyes stay riveted to the middle of my body, right where he knows my big balls and monster manshaft are hiding behind the windbreaker. And his hands keep jerking up and down. Oblivious the screaming kids all around him, he helplessly pumps out his last ounces of gooey tribute to me, which runs down from the tip of his dick, over his hands, and down into his pubic hair. Then he looks back up at my face, and we make eye-contact. I give him one last sweet smile. A knowing smile. Then I turn around and walk away.

I can hear the commotion in the classroom. I hear shouts of "Oh my God!", "Jerking-off!", "Queer!", "Fag!", and "Get the principal!" There's both boy voices and girl voices. Something tells me that's one substitute math teacher we won't be seeing again, but I can't be worried about that right now. I've got one hell of a hard-on of my own, and it needs some attention. Yeah, my balls are full, and my cock is hard. It always feels so fine after it's destroyed a man with its irresistible size and beauty. And now it needs to be serviced. So I decide to go check out the rest rooms. All I need is to find a rest room with a boy in it. Any boy. That's all I need. That's all I ever need. My big cock knows that if I just find a restroom with a boy in it, it'll soon be getting some nice boy-head. And after what I just did to the math sub, my big balls are really full, so it's be really nice to empty them into some boy's mouth. I just hope it's some big, muscular, senior dude. With luck, it'll be some guy who really hates fags. They're always the most fun to play with. It's just so much fun to watch one of those dudes as he helplessly bones up over my cock, as he humiliates himself when he has to take his woody out and jack it to my size, and, of course, as he falls on his knees and begs me to stuff my huge manhood into his mouth, and pump my thick, juicy, cream inyo him. Oh yeah, turning one of those big dudes into a cock-sucking fag-boy is always fun. And they always end up giving really nice head, too.

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