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reviewed by Gilburto

Some time ago I promised you guys a review of the Blakoe Ring. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience. My work load has increased so much lately that I’ve had a hard time meeting all my commitments , what with research, writing and meeting deadlines for the publishers, add to this - returning all my email, plus working my regular job. The many fellows that have written me are an ongoing source of encouragement, thank you ( Please Note my new email address - [email protected] - please change any addresses on my previous reviews to this current and permanent address, so I may continue to keep in contact - thank you). As for commitments, the Blakoe Ring Review was one of them, so here goes.

THE BLAKOE RING ------- reviewed by Gilburto

Any guy who has ever considered the prospect of obtaining a larger penis, has had to first wade through the tons of gimmicks, scams and rip-offs, that flood the market. To assist men in making informed decisions regarding their purchases, this site has provided space for my reviews.

The road to permanent penis enlargement is certainly one of almost religious like dedication. Perseverance and adherence to a strict regimen is crucial, but so is the utilization of quality devices. Primary is of course, a pump. Next would probably be a decent hanging weight or stretching device. Thirdly would most likely be a reliable cock ring.

A cock ring may be termed a “constriction device.” There has been much written on the topic of “Constriction Therapy,” as it relates to penis enlargement. The principal is simple and sound. Basically; when the flow of an element is constricted, there is a build up of pressure on the side that the flow is coming from, and there is an increased velocity on the side that it is flowing to. This principal is used everyday in hydro electric dams, and basic plumbing. Remember when you hold your thumb over the end of a garden hose, you can use your thumb like a nozzle. By constricting the flow and reducing the size of the hose’s outlet hole, you build up pressure behind your thumb while the stream of water shoots out with much more force. So what does this have to do with growing a bigger dick? Glad you asked.

Well, the penis isn’t exactly an open ended system like a garden hose. It is when it comes to peeing and ejaculating, but not with your blood flow (unless you’ve been out with Lorenna Bobbit). Incidentally, if you want to shoot your cum for distance; like the garden hose, try squeezing the pipeline (Urethra) that runs up the bottom of your dick, as you are having your orgasm. Use your finger to squeeze gently just under the head. You may find with practice that you can shoot quite a distance, and star in videos or win contests in bars. But I digress.

Always remember the most important factor in penis enlargement is “Circulation.” You want to keep those cells in your penis saturated with nutrient rich blood. The blood system in the penis, unlike the open ended system of the garden hose or hydro electric dam, is a loop or peninsula. The blood flows into the penis, travels around and visits all the cells that it can and then goes back out.

The purpose of a cock ring is to gently restrict or constrict the flow of blood, both in and out of the penis. This restriction builds slight pressure on both sides of the ring and keeps the penis in a more engorged state. I use the word “gently” when referring to the level of constriction, as this is a cautious practice. If the ring is too loose then there will be no constriction and no effect, it might even fall off and be lost. However, if the ring is too tight, there will be too much constriction and the effect will be that your penis will receive no blood, turn blue, fall off and be lost. Not exactly the desired effect. Better to err on the side of caution, just snug is best.

So wearing a cock ring under your trousers is not just a sexy bit of body jewelry, it’s a valuable tool in the penis enlargement regimen. By “training” the cells in your penis to become used to hanging around in a semi inflated state, you are encouraging them to be willing participants in your growth program. Regular use of a trusty cock ring, has for many men, resulted in a fuller flaccid phallus. The secret of the mysterious cock ring is centuries old, and we won’t dredge up the archeology of it here. The rings have also long been a staple of the homosexual community, who have known about and experimented with cock rings for years.

There are literally hundreds of types of “rings” available, made of everything from leather, or brass, to rubber or surgical tubing. The best rings are adjustable to accommodate the changes in girth we all experience. There are rings especially designed to restrict the out flow of blood so a man can maintain his erection, should he be suffering from erectile disfunction. These are often paired with the overpriced pumps prescribed by doctors, for impotence problems. Some rings just go around the base of the penis, while others encircle the penis base and the testicles. The Blakoe Ring fits into this latter category.

One of the most compelling things about the Blakoe ring, is their web site. If you haven’t seen it yet, drop by and see what I mean ( They certainly have carried the “Doctor Recommended” theme to its fullest extent. You’ll see more stamps of medical approval there, than at a golf course or Mercedes dealership. All this gives their product an air of credibility and notoriety. This ain’t no peep show sex shop cock ring baby. So don’t expect to get it for a peep show price either. In San Francisco’s most extravagant Sexual Emporium you’d be hard pressed to find even the fanciest solid brass cock ring, go for more than 20 bucks. Well, we’re not talking about your grandfather’s ring here buddy, this is the “Blakoe Advanced Suspensory Ring & Energiser” also called “The Libido Ring.” With those lofty titles comes the whopping price tag of 50£ (they’ve recently lowered the price, we payed 70£ - did I mention this thing comes from England?). When we ordered, the exchange rate, made it somewhere between $100 and $150 US, factoring in the incredible 20£ (now lowered to 10£) fee for postage and handling. In a country who’s currency has been decimated by socialism, like us up here in Canada, this whole venture cost us somewhere in the neighborhood of $200! Some may think that price a little excessive to pay for a cock ring, they would probably be right. Let’s look at what you get.

The Blakoe ring ( oops, I mean - “Advanced Suspensory Ring & Energiser ), is “based” on a design by Dr. Robert Blakoe. Hence the name. How much he still has to do with the operation is unknown, but the design has changed over the years. I will include two jpegs so you can see the older design along side the new one. The ring is made of polycarbonate, a very hard plastic type substance. The new ring design is a two piece affair, with tiny rubber rings that act as gripping gaskets where the two pieces join. The old design of the Blakoe ring was modified to try and make the ring adjustable to accommodate the different sizes of men. It succeeds and fails somewhat in this department, as I will explain shortly.

The most unique feature, or what some may call the gimmick of the Blakoe ring, is the incorporation of four tiny metal plates. These zinc and copper plates, two at the top and two at the bottom, are said to create a small electric charge when in contact with the slightly acid skin of your scrotum. Somehow this good doctor determined that a “spontaneous, mild, steady electrical current to the genitalia,” was a good thing. In fact, their site devotes copious verbiage to extolling the virtues of zapping your testicles. My mother told me I had the “gift of the gab,” but I have to step back and admire the imaginative descriptions these guys use to flog their ring. According to their implications, electrically charging your balls is the cure for virtually every ailment, and the solution to world peace. Here’s some of what they say about it; “... zinc and copper plates, which in turn stimulates the manufacture of the potent internal hormonal secretions of the testes. These hormones are known to have a pronounced effect in developing all the muscles of the body, including the heart muscle. They also act on the central nervous system, especially the brain, relieving nervous exhaustion and lassitude, inducing enhanced feelings of general well-being, and greatly increasing the capacity for study and mental effort. Overall, they can also provide a rejuvenating effect on all the tissues of the body.”

Unfortunately there is little in the way of scientific evidence to support their claims. Their proof, they say, is in their many unsolicited testimonial letters. “In order to assess the remarkable results achieved by using The Energiser, one need only assess the numerous unsolicited reports...” While personal testimonies are interesting, they can hardly be held as an accurate measure of assessment. Even the report they post from another doctor, reads like a testimonial, giving the account of some old todger who could once again get his willy up. Constriction Therapy can help with erectile difficulties, no dispute there. But I would like to see some documentation that the steady electro charge raises hormonal levels.

Personally, I liked the idea of the small electrical charge, it sounded like an fascinating new notion. However, the more I contemplated it, the more I had to ask rational questions. For instance; They claim the tiny metal plates produce a continuous “electrical current.” I began to wonder how much current? After searching through their wordy site, I found the figure “.05 volts.” This number is hard to find and is only mentioned once, and buried in the mountains of “numerous unsolicited reports.” Since the skin acidity varies from man to man, I wondered how could they determine this voltage was “steady?” Also, how did they determine that .05 volts was the ideal current to stimulate “the manufacture of the potent internal hormonal secretions?” Why don’t we all walk around with a 9 volt battery strapped to our sack and speed up these “hormonal secretions?” More current may be more effective for some men. Now before you go and stick your dick in a light socket, don’t you think it would be nice to see some actual data? There is none provided.

If you look at the difference in the two designs for the Blakoe ring, you will notice that the old one had a hinged bar at the top, for entry. While the new design necessitates you inserting yourself in the bottom half while lining up the holes of the top piece and scrunching the thing together to grip your goods. This can be a tricky procedure, and pinching delicate skin and hairs may cause you to wince a bit. Once on, the ring, like most cock rings I’ve tried, is fairly comfortable and gives you a sensation that you are being held. Rings do encourage a feeling of plumpness down there, and the Blakoe is no exception. However, should the need arise throughout your day, to bend and pick something up from the floor, be warned. A percentage of these maneuvers may cause some tiny hairs underneath your balls to be gripped by the cracks surrounding those tiny metal plates that are supposed to be busy doing their electro magic. So retrieving your keys or pencil may cause you to let out a shriek that is less than manly. If your job requires you to do a lot of bending and lifting, those in the adjacent rooms may be led to believe you have taken up the hobby of strangling cats.

Having to shave your entire crotch is not an inviting prospect, but the hair tugging is something you will soon be wary of whenever you bend. Another slight design flaw is the female ends of the vertical bars. The edges are sharp right angles and can also cause pinching in areas where you don’t want to be pinched. This problem is more easily rectified, however. Just take some sandpaper and carefully smooth the sharp edges.

So what about the amazing results of wearing the Blakoe Advanced Suspensory Ring & Energiser? Did I experience a “pronounced effect in developing all the muscles of the body?” No, not really. How about the action on the “central nervous system, especially the brain, relieving nervous exhaustion and lassitude, inducing enhanced feelings of general well-being, and greatly increasing the capacity for study and mental effort?” Well now, I would have surely noticed that, but sorry no. Then how about the “rejuvenating effect on all the tissues of the body? Not really. A good nap, or a hot bath can do wonders in that department, but the ring? No sorry. As previously mentioned, I did enjoy the feeling of being sexually held throughout my day (when I wasn’t being pinched), but any good cock ring will do this for you.

So is there anything else that I can say about the Blakoe ring? Well now that you mention it, there was a strange string of events that occurred while obtaining the ring. My publisher sent for the ring for me to review and test. After two months had gone by and no response, he contacted them by email. A Mister Leo Sheiner responded by saying that they had received the money order and “normally ship within 24 hours” but “until recently we had no procedures for dealing with payment other than Credit Card.” Their web site did contain an address to send mail orders to, so how complicated could these “procedures” be? Licking a stamp and mailing the letter! He said that he “remembered” receiving the order “but the paperwork got mislaid.” He asked for the address again and promised he would “despatch immediately.” A duplicate of the order and the address to send the ring to, was emailed to Mr. Sheiner, and we waited....

After another month had passed and no ring, we once again contacted Mr. Sheiner, who apologized and admitted that in fact the ring had still not yet been sent! He once again assured us that he would “despatch your ring latest tommorrow (sp).” When it finally did arrive, the post mark showed it had not been sent for another 7 days! This kind of service is inexcusable, whether an isolated incident or not. At the time of the order the exchange rate was such that we were paying close to $50 for the postage and handling. Their postage was less than $5, so the extra $45 was just a gouge.

My advice to you is to get yourself a good cock ring, I have a nice black leather studded one I bought years ago for around 10 bucks. It has several snaps to make it adjustable, along with a quarter coin sized leather disk under the balls to offer some of that lifting support. After a nice pump session, I just strap myself in and go out bulging. Plus the silver studs around the side make it look real sexy, you should see the look on their faces when the Levis hit the floor! If you want to experiment with bits of copper and zinc, them more power to you. But for God’s sake save your money and avoid the Blakoe ring. Oh sure there will be some guys that will say they love the thing and it’s been nothing but wonderful for them, but you can do a lot better for a lot cheaper, so why waste your money?

Hopefully this review will have been some help to you. Feel free to write me with any additional questions, at ... [email protected]

For those of you who have been following my reviews and waiting for a positive endorsement of a product, you’re in luck. My next review, I’m happy to say, is a refreshing change. We have finally found a quality device for stretching the penis for length. Look forward to reading about it here soon.

Thank you for your interest.

Keep in touch and keep growing.


[email protected]

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