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"The key to penile enlargement is gradual tension over an extended period of time."

The Xtender is one of the safest and most efficient devices to enlarge and elongate the penis. The Extender is very easy to use and was designed to fit everyone. It will safely elongate and enage your penis to its maximum capacity through the constant tension created by wearing the device.

The positive tension created by wearing the Xtender may feel unusual at first. After several sessions you should be able to increase tension and be on your way to a longer and thicker penis. Remember the key to penile growth is gradual tension over an extended period of time. In other words, use the Extender as often as you can! It is recommeded that the Xtender be used no less than 2 hours per day (or twice daily for one hour sessions) to achieve maximum results. An extension cylinder is also provided for those requiring extra length. The Xtender is completely adjustable and can extend anywhere from 4 to 10 inches.

How does penis stretching work?

Research studies have shown that gradual tension on the penis over a period of months (the longer time period the stretching was practiced - the better the results) can lengthen the penis by several inches. Expeditions to parts of Africa have resulted in documented cases of men in some primitive tribes with huge penises. How are the incredible increases in size achieved? Throught the use of stretching devices. Various tribes have used different stretching techniques for hundreds of years, many of which, while very effective, would not work well in today's fast paced modern lifestyle. The Extender is simple and comfortable to use - and only takes minutes to put on.

How does the Max-Extender work?

The Max-Extender is a custom molded, lightweight plastic device which has been specially designed and engineered to allow you to progressively stretch and extend your penis to it's maxium potential. Using the device is easy. Simply insert your penis into the Extender, secure the head, and adjust the tension to your level of comfort. As time goes by a simple adjustment of the device will allow you to stretch further and further. Users have reported gains with time of as much as 3 inches or more.

How much can you expect to gain?

Just as in physical exercise for bodybuilders, the key is persistence. You need to use the device for an extended period of time (several months at minimum) to get the most gains. Some users have reported increase over time of more than 2 inches. The average penis size is 6 inches in length, so an increase of an inch or 2 would put you well above average. Think about that - even if you gained 1/2 an inch or an inch - how much nicer it would make you feel, how much more impressive it would look and feel. Individuals vary greatly, the key is to be dedicated and to stick with a program of regular use.

You may have seen other tension devices out there. Most of these are priced hundreds of dollars more than the Max-Extender!

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