Stretching the Sac - Ball stretching

Leather Ball Stretchers - Ball Stretching


Ever notice how some guys nuts just kind of dangle, almost like pendulums? While others have a tight sack which is sort of like a half sphere, always close and tight next to the body? Well if you want the low hangers, or you want yours to hang lower - this document will cover some commonly used techniques.

First off, proceed with caution as we're talking about the family jewels here. The testes produce the primary male hormone testosterone -which plays a major role in various bodily functions. Never stretch your testicles so that you are in any type of pain or discomfort, or so that you cut of the flow of circulation to them (they start getting blue and cold)

That being said - if you gradually - over a period a time commit to a technique of stretching that is comfortable for you, you can lengthen your sack so that your nuts hang down lower. While some would question the need for this - or wonder why you'd waste your time on it - it comes down to a matter of preference - or call it kink. For me personally - I love the feeling of my nuts after a hot shower, when they hang their lowest. The dangling feeling of them against my legs is just in some ways a turn on. Some guys have achieved some amazing results - being able to tie their nuts in a knot or put them up their own ass. And as far as time goes, if you create or use a simple comfortable device, it becomes merely a matter of putting it on as you dress after a shower, just like slipping on your underwear. In this document we'll cover just a few ways. Be innovative and you'll come up with dozens of other techniques.

Leather ball stretchers :

Sold at adult book stores, and sites on the Internet, leather ball stretchers come in a variety of sizes and designs. A basic "model" is just a simple leather strap with snaps. They come in various lengths, 1 ", 2 ", 3" - or longer. Basically you snap it around your testicles so that it keeps them pulled down. As you use them for some time, beginning with a 1" or 2" strap depending on how far your nuts hang when you start, you can gradually move up to the next size when it becomes comfortable. The leather can be comfortable against the skin. In addition to the length, it's important to get the right diameter, so that it's not pinching or squeezing you too tight. If you get one that's two tight - you'll only be able to wear it for a few hours before it becomes uncomfortable. You won't stick with it - because it hurts - so make sure you get one that'll fit you. You may wish to get a hold of a soft tape measure, the type sold in sewing kits, and measure around your sac (or do it with a piece of string, and then hold the string up to a ruler...) and see what the diameter is before you go into the shop and buy a stretcher - so you can check to see you're getting the right size. Most places won't let you return one once you walk out the door with it.

Types of leather stretchers:

There are a variety of types - some of the best for ball stretching can be the weighted type. Often they contain sealed compartments where sand is sewn in to add weight to the stretcher. So long as it's comfortable - this can be a good way to increase the stretch. Other shave small links or clasps where you can hang weight from them.

Steel Rings:

Steel rings can be a good way to go as well. They're naturally weighted -so adding more increases the pull downward. They come in a variety of sizes, and because you use several to achieve results - the amount of stretch can easily be adjusted by adding or removing rings, adding more and more as you progress. While you can find these at adult book stores - you can also find similar metal rings at building supply or hardware stores. The important thing to consider with rings is getting the right diameter. You need to get them large enough so that you can slip one testicle through, and then still have room to slip the second one through, and once both are in, still be comfortable. So again, don't get a diameter that is too tight. At the same time - with rings you want to be careful not to get some that are too large, or your nuts could slide up through them and you could have a bunch of rings falling down your pant legs out onto the floor! You can also try this with shower curtain rings if you find the right diameter.


Though not comfortable for me, some guys use a strap or wrap to extend the testicles down. One person reported using Ace bandages to achieve the effect, wrapping it around and around, pulling the nuts down.

Toilet paper/paper towel rolls:

I first heard of this in another article about ball stretching. Apparently the size of a toilet paper roll is a pretty good average for some, and will work for stretching the nuts down. Using scissors, you can cut the cardboard tube to a length that is comfortable, and then slip one, then the other nut through the tube, and bingo - you've got a stretcher. The cool thing about them is that you can easily alter the length, getting more or less stretch - just by cutting them in various lengths. Though I've done no study on this - different manufacturers of rolls probably use slightly different diameters, or you may find that using the larger diameter cardboard roll from a roll of paper towels. I don't know if the average guys nuts sweat enough to weaken the cardboard, but I suspect not...

Split Collar Rings

These rings can be purchased online. They vary in weight but and a heft. They are somewhat advantageous over rings because they have screws on them so that you can open them - thus you will not get stuck in them if it turns out the rings were too tight - you can simply unscrew them and the ring splits in half. The heavy weight of them also helps to add to the stretch.

Two Stage Tubes - Two stage pumping


If you want to get your testicles the size of grapefruit or larger - get yourself a "two stage tube" - these specially designed cylinder work much like penis pumps but rather than pumping your penis - they are used on your testicles. You can get some really really amazing results from them. The results of good ball pumping session will have you larger than normal for several days - until they gradually return to their normal size. But in the process you will also find that repeatedly doing this will make your ball sack larger and hang longer. Many people don't know about two stage pumping - but it is definitely the best way to increase the size of your testicles.