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Testimonials - letters from satisfied clients



Here are some of the things we've received from clients in letters and via email :

Brian in Chicago :

I'm 32 - I'd seen the ads for penis pumps in magazines for years. I never really took them seriously. I didn't think it was really possible to enlarge your penis using a pump. About a year ago I finally figured I'd give it a shot and I ordered your Starter Package, the pump cylinder and video. I have to tell you - I've been really impressed by the results. Using it about twice a week for about a year now I've gained about 1 inch in length and about an inch 1/2 in thickness. Seems like you tend to get more thickness than length - which I think is more important. I continue to use it - I'm anxious to see how big I can eventually get.


Jeff in Texas :

Over the last three years I've bought one of your pumps and 3 different cylinders. I started with a 1 3/4" tube, and then over time moved up to a 2" X 9, and now I can easily fill a 2 1/4" tube. I was skeptical - but I've found that it worked for me. I'm into competitive bodybuilding - and I decided to try it when a buddy told me about your web site. I wasn't really small before - but I just wanted to be bigger. When you get up on stage in a posing suit, everything's out there on display. I use the pump before competitions and now I really fill out the suit. It made a big difference for me in my confidence.

Tom in New York :

I've always been self conscious of my penis size. Being told that size doesn't matter always felt to me like something being said just to try and make you feel better about the fact that you have a small one. I was considering surgery - but when I started reading some of the articles about things that can go wrong with it, I decided to give pumping a try. For a $100 I got a cylinder and a pump from your site. I can now completely fill the cylinder with low vacuum pressure in about 45 minutes. I very happy with the results. I show a much bigger package in my pants, and I really think that women notice that. I've caught a few looking at my crotch. Thanks for making a great product that really works.

Allen in Maryland :

I'm in college at a school on the East Coast. I'm on the baseball team. I've played ball all through high school. I've always felt self-conscious about the size of my penis. I tried all through school not to think too much about it - but it always bugged me. I know I was smaller than most of the other guys on my team, that it wasn't just in my head, because I saw what was average for most guys in the locker room. I talked about it one day with a friend of mine, and he told me that he had used a vacuum pump to enlarge his. I'd seen him before and he had a pretty big one. I found your site and ordered a pump for myself to try it out. I've been using it for about 6 months now. I feel like now I hang longer and thicker, even when I'm just soft. It's been worth it to me, I use it about 3 times a week. I don't feel self conscious when I have to shower with the other guys. I know I'm actually bigger than some of the other guys now, and my size isn't an issue any more. I just wish I had started using one sooner.

James in Florida:

Thanks for making a great product. I've been using a pump from your company for 2 years now. When I started I was 6 inches erect. Today I measure 7 1/2" long, and I've gained about an inch in girth. I'm hoping I can get to 9". I'm not sure if that's possible - or how long it would take - but that's my goal. I've gained an inch and a half already - which I'm really happy about. Thanks again!

Todd in California :

I've been pumping for about 1 year now, I use the pump for about 15 minutes a day most days. When I started I was about average with 6" in length. After a year I now measure a solid 7". An inch might now sound like much - but it makes a difference. My girlfriend is into it to, which is cool. I've actually used it with her to pump me up some before we have sex. Having sex right after pumping is cool - because you can get really big right after a pumping session, and it stays bigger for a while. She tells me that it feels better. The process of pumping itself I've found feels pretty good. I've actually ejaculated in the tube a number of times.

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