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8/18/97 - Pumping for Enlargement FAQ
1/1/96 - Read this review of Gary Griffin's many books on the penis and then leave your own comments if you like.
6/7/97 - Featured Picture

6/26/97 - New Pictures Added!
6/7/97 - New featured person (4 pictures)

04/27/97 - Extreme II - a few new pictures from site visitors.
04/20/97 - Gilburto's Review of RACA Program by Ray Carlton - penis enlargement techniques...

04/19/97 - Get the Vivo video player - then try our first test video. The quality isn't that great - but you get a brief look at how a guy uses a vacuum pump.
4/12/97 - Extreme Pumping

(3/15/97) Pumping introduction, how does it work, what kind of results can you expect.

(3/13/97)Big Low Hangers - three methods to get low hanging balls. Article and pictures.

ICQ Screenshots What does this ICQ program do and look like? Here are some screen shots.

(3/1/97) Feature Article : Organ Lessons - a penis-enlargement operation can leave you scarred, lumpy and - yikes! smaller...

(2/25/97) Download ICQ today! Excellent new software for Windows 95 users (Mac version in progress - visit the site for more info) We are encouraging all regular visitors to download an install ICQ. It's a fantastic communications tool that lets you know when friends are online - so you can chat - exhange files - whatever. It's very easy to use and install! Look for a new list of users of ICQ soon.

(2/28/97) (2/23/97)Article on penis enlargement - (outside link) talks some about the Jelq method discussed in the forums.

(2/22/97)Brad's Shaft Pull Device for stretching the penis - thanks to Brad for these detail instructions on building a new device for penis enlargement.

(2/15/97)New FAQ on Penile Injection Therapy - thanks James for contributing this FAQ on penile injection therapy for men who suffer from impotence.

(2/15/97) RealAudio site update information (click it then move on and it'll play in the background - must have RealAudio Player installed!)

(2/8/97) RealAudio site update information (must have RealAudio Player installed!)

(1/28/97) Now offering pumps, cylinders & videos - select this for more information.

(1/31/97) We're compiling a list of pumping videos.

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  • The Definitive Penis Size Survey - just how big is average? How do you measure up? (Outside link)

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